Delivery Menu

Main’s Restaurant

High Street, Yoxford IP17 3EU


For collection or delivery 22/05/20

White Loaf 2.50

Granary & Fennel 3.00

Rye, Caraway & Black Treacle 3.00

Pain de Campagne 2.50

Italian herb bread 4.00

Croissant 2.00

Pain au Chocolat 2.50

Gruyere & Proscuitto Croissant 3.25

Chickpea, spinach & harissa roll 3.00

Pork & bacon roll 2.75

Strawberry & basil swirls 3.25

3 Course Menu £25.00 per person

serving instruction below


asparagus baked custard with mornay sauce  (gf)


salmon cerviche cured with lime, coriander & chilli (df, gf)


butter bean, cucumber & radish salad with lemon, mint & parsley (vg)


osso bucco style slow braised shin of beef with gremolata

(gf, df)


Scottish squid braised with Puy lentils, squid ink, lemon zest,

 tomato & ginger (gf df)


aubergine & tomato moussaka with apple tzatziki

(gf, vg or veg – please state)

all served with green bean, courgette & shaved asparagus salad with lemon, basil & oregano


butterscotch devil’s delight with roast pear (gf)


espresso & marsala tiramisu


vegan strawberry & coconut tart 


gf – gluten free

df – dairy free

veg – vegetarian

vg – vegan

Please be aware there may be slight changes to the menu if we have difficulty with supplies – we will notify you of this if it affects any allergies

Serving Instructions

Please store in fridge until needed

Custard – place in the oven for 10 minutes at 170 degrees

Salmon & Salad – serve from the fridge or at room temperature

Beef,  Squid & Moussaka – remove clingfilm for conventional oven, add a teaspoon of water or wine – cover with foil – warm in the oven suggested for 15 – 20 mins at 170 degrees, alternatively the squid could be placed into a pan on the stove

Salad designed to be eaten at room temperature

Desserts to be eaten cold from the fridge 

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Many thanks Nancy & Jason