Delivery Menu

Main’s Restaurant

High Street, Yoxford IP17 3EU


For collection or delivery 16/04/21

White Loaf 2.50

Granary & Fennel 3.00

Rye, Caraway & Black Treacle 3.00

Pain de Campagne 2.50

Sacre Coeur 3.50 seeded loaf with cumin & fennel

Croissant 2.00

Bear Claw – almond frangipane & creme patisserie 2.50

Pain au raisin 2.50

Prosciutto & gruyere croissant 3.00

Chickpea & spinach rolls 3.00

Pork & bacon roll 2.75

Chocolate & peanut babka buns 3.50


3 Course Menu £25.00 per person

serving instruction below


Waldorf salad with blue cheese dressing – celery, apple, walnuts & grapes gf – please specify for vegan with cashew dressing


ham hock terrine with sauce gribiche                                                        (gerkins, capers, boiled egg & parsley sauce) gf


celeriac & horseradish baked custard with mornay sauce veg


osso bucco style beef shin with tomatoes, white wine & gremolata df

 gremolata is made with parsley, lemon zest & garlic.  gf, df


seafood bouillabaisse – hake, monkfish & gurnard with garlic rouille gf, df


aubergine & basil polpette with tomato & garlic sauce vg

all served with sprouting broccoli & olive salad


spiced prune & marmalade frangipane tart


salted dark chocolate & olive oil mousse

  gf, veg, df please specify if vegan


amaretto tiramisu 

gf – gluten free

df – dairy free

veg – vegetarian

vg – vegan

Please be aware there may be slight changes to the menu if we have difficulty with supplies – we will notify you of this if it affects any allergies

Serving Instructions

Please store in fridge until needed

Baked custard – heat oven to 180 degrees, warm through for approx 10minutes

Salad & Terrine – best served at room temperature

Beef – heat the oven to 180 degrees, place in oven with foil covering for approx 15 minutes until hot

Bouillabaisse -decant into a pan, place on hob and bring gently to a simmer, turn the heat off and leave for five minutes with a lid on and then the fish should be cooked

Aubergine – heat the oven to 180 degrees, heat through for approx 10 minutes

Sprouting Broccoli – can be eaten at room temperature or warm in the oven for approx 10 minutes

Frangipane tart, Mousse & Tiramisu – best eaten from the fridge or at room temperature

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Many thanks Nancy & Jason