Bread Baking Club

Our Bread Making Club has been running once a month since July 2008.

The guiding principle behind the Bread Baking Club was to support the Slow Sunday movement started by Resurgence magazine.    The belief behind it has been to bring people from the community together to do a creative activity, sharing the process of learning a skill and being empowered to make that most essential part of our diet, bread.

To begin with people came together and made bread of their own choosing in the company of like minded members of the community. Over time, as our own bread making skills have progresses and more people have come needing a bit more guidance, it has become a led session, with Nancy leading the group through one particular bread, which changes each month.

Thus far, we have made simple white loaves and many variations of bread that can be made with one single dough, through to tackling brioche and croissants as well as in depth discussions over the pros and cons of working with wetter dough, and trouble shooting sessions aimed to improve baking at home.


The Bread Making Club meets once a month at 10am on a Sunday. The sessions are very relaxed, with lots of time to sit and chat or read the paper whilst we wait for the bread to prove. There is usually a lot of laughter and doubting as we realise that using exactly the same ingredients does not always produce the exactly the same dough!

You can book your place by calling  01728 668882 or emailing to

It is important to book your place because the Club does get very busy and we do have limited space.

The cost is usually £10.00 to cover materials, baking & tea/coffee. Occasionally it is a little more to cover the cost of ingredients.

The Bread Baking Club runs through the academic year, we have our last club in July and then will begin again in the autumn.

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